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We are a company providing our clients with a wide range of high quality products from World Leaders in the Rubber and Automotive Industry.
All of the technical consultations and products we supply are backed by the name of reputed MNCs and Indian manufacturers.
Let us supply you with top notch raw materials at competitive prices.

List of Products

Solvay Tecnoflon


  • Tecnoflon FOR 531 -        Can be used for compression and transfer moulding of gaskets and seals.

  • Tecnoflon FOR 532 -       Can be used for compression and transfer moulding of gaskets and seals

  • Tecnoflon FOR 5312K -   Designed to improve bonding in anyapplication requiring adhesion to metal

  • Tecnoflon FOR 5351U -   Can be used for molded items with complicated shapes which require a very good hot tear resistance for part                                                   removal.

  • Tecnoflon FOR 7352 -     Well suited for applications where excellent compression set and superior mold release are required.

  • Tecnoflon TN -                 Can be used for compression and transfer molding of shaft seals, valve stem seals, O-rings, gaskets, seals or any                                               item requiring excellent chemical resistance. 

  • Tecnoflon TN 50A -          Its 68 % of fluorine content is a good compromise between chemical resistance and compression set value is                                                   obtained

  • Tecnoflon P-757 -             Peroxide cure used in construction of turbo charger hoses.

  • Tecnoflon P 647L -           Can be used for injection and transfer molding of shaft seals, valve seals, O-rings, gaskets or any item requiring                                                 superior chemical resistance. 

  • Tecnoflon T 636 -             Can be used for compression, injection and transfer molding of O-rings, diaphragms, gaskets, seals, moulded                                                   shapes or other items requiring improved low temperature performance.

  • Tecnoflon T 938 -             It is well suited for applications requiring better chemical resistance and/or long term heat resistance compared                                               to fluoroelastomer copolymers.

  • Tecnoflon 60KU -             This grade is designed to improve bonding in any application requiring adhesion to metal. In shaft seals or valve                                               stem seals production, it greatly reduces the reject rate due to adhesion problems. 

  • Tecnoflon FOR 801 HS -   Can be compounded to meet all the major fluoroelastomer specifications with only a 1 hour post cure and                                                          without  using calcium hydroxide. It is well suited for moulded items with complicated shapes which require a                                                    very good hot tear resistance for part removal.

  • Tecnoflon FOR 80 HS -     Is well suited for all applications requiring superior flow, mould release and excellent compression set.

  • Tecnoflon PL 958 -            This is a new generation low post cure peroxide curable fluoroelastomer. It exhibits both excellent low                                                                 temperature flexibility (TR10 = – 24 °C) and an outstanding resistance to a variety of chemicals. 

  • Tecnoflon PL 455 -            Can be used for injection, injection compression and transfer molding of O-rings, gaskets and seals. It can be                                                     combined with the cure system and other typical fluoroelastomer compounding ingredients.

  • Tecnoflon VPL 45535 -      Is a brand new generation very low temperature peroxide curable fluoroelastomer with outstanding low                                                             temperature flexibility (TR10 = 35 °C). Like all other Tecnoflon® peroxide curable grades, it exhibits excellent                                                       processability; moreover it needs very short post curing cycles. 

  • Tecnoflon VPL 85540 -     Can be transformed by all the molding techniques, including injection, injection compression, compression, and                                                 transfer molding.

  • Polymist PTFE Series -       Used in critical engineering and high - end performance elastomers and coatings. 

AM Lubricants & Coatings release agents

PU, FRP and Footwear release agents

  • PufCoat 1025 -          Release agent for flexible Polyurethane (PU) systems.

  • PufCoat 1258 -          Release agent for PU footwear. 

  • PufCoat 2020E -       Release agent for moulded cast PU and rigid foam. 

  • PufCoat 2021A -        Release agent for rigid PU foam.

  • PufCoat 1210DD3 -    Release agent for double density PU footwear.

  • PufCoat 1080G/7A -  Release agent for moulded epoxy and PU parts.

  • PufCoat 715 -             Semi permanent release agent for high density foam, polyester and epoxy material.

  • PufCoat 700 -            Mould sealer for fiber glass reinforce moulding industry.

  • PufCoat 1140A -         Clear resin release coating for fiber glass moulding industries. 

  • MCA - 2 -                   Mould cleaning agent.

Elkem Silicone

Silicone Rubber

  • General Purpose Grades (Hardness 20 - 80) 

  • High tear strength silicone

  • High temperature resistance 

  • Oil Bleeding Silicone Rubber 

  • Anti Yellowing (Transparent) 

  • Electrically Resistant

  • Silicone Sponge (Closed Cell Foaming)

  • Anti Static Silicone 

  • Magnetic Silicone 

H.B. Fuller 

Cilbond RTMB and other substrate adhesives

  • Cilbond 10E      - Primer and Single coat system used for NBR 

  • Cilbond 12E      - High performance primer for a range of substrates 

  • Cilbond 20       - One coat bonding system for NBR, NR, SBR, CR, HNBR and Vamac

  • Cilbond 24       - Once coat bonding system for NR, SBR CR and Vamac 

  • Cilbond 33A/B - Two component for amine cured FKM 

  • Cilbond 36       - One coat product for Silicone and FKM compounds 

  •  Cilbond 41       - One-coat system for Cold cast PUR 

  • Cilbond 48       -  One-coat system for Hot and Cold cast PUR (clear)

  • Cilbond 49SF  - One-coat system for Hot cast PUR (pigmented) 

  • Cilbond 62W   -  WATER based bonding system for friction products and NBR 

  • Cilbond 65W   - WATER based one coat system for Silicone (VMQ) 

  • Cilbond 80ET  - High performance cover coat for a range of elastomers 

  • Cilbond 89ET  - Versatile one coat   system for a wide range of elastomers


Rubber Fillers

  • Carbon Black N-220 -                   Recommended for decorative solvent based paints and printing inks. 

  • Carbon Black N-330 -                   Recommended for industrial rubber product application, including conveyor belts, solid tyres and other                                                              products that require moderate abrasion resistance.

  • Carbon Black N-550 -                   Used in making conveyor belts, V-belts, general moulding and bi-cycle tyres. 

  • Carbon Black N-660 -                   Used in making conveyor belts, seals, cables and footwear.

  • Carbon Black N-762 -                   Used to give black tint in the mixture for printing ink and as a pigment for plastic material. 

  • Carbon Black N-765 -                   Used for manufacturing of frameworks, extruding rubber articles, tubes,  rubber articles subject to                                                                        dynamic load.  

  • Carbon Black N-990 MT Black -  Ultra pure carbon for high heat and chemical resistance.

  • Precipitated Silica -                       Used as high-performance flatting agents, thickening agents and anti-corrosion pigments to improve the                                                            performance, workability and sustainability of coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, and sealants.

  • Whole Tyre Reclaim Rubber -      Used in Truck Tyres, Tread Rubber and Rubber Moulded Components. 

  • Rubber Crumb -                            Used for manufacturing of mats for domestic, commercial, recreational, industrial and agricultural                                                                         use; rubber wheels for carts and lawnmowers; insulation products; lumber and other construction products.

  • Kaolin Clay-                                   Used for making paper, rubber, paint, cosmetics, ceramic industry.

Rubber Chemicals

Accelerators, Anti-Oxidants, Retarders, Latext Disposing Agent, Sulfur

  • Rubber Accelerators   -   Pentocure – MBT, MBTS,  F, ZMBT, CBS, MOR, TBBS, TMTM, TMTD, ZDEC, ZDBC, DPG, DCS 

  • Rubber Anti-oxidants  -   Pentoflex SP (P & E), Pentonox TMQ, MBI, MMBI, 6PPD 

  • Rubber Retarders        -   Pentotard PVI

  • Latext Agent                -   Dispersal NMF

  • Sulfur                           -   Insoluble Sulfur 

Specialty Chemicals


  • Peroxides -                              Used for improving the heat stability, modulus ageing and compression set of Rubber compounds. 

  • TMPTMA -                                Useful as a co-agent in PVC plastisols, plasticizer systems and elastomers. Other applications include as an                                                        additive in water  based emulsions, adhesives and UV/EB cured coatings.

  • Anti Tack Agents -                  Used for preventing the uncured rubber compound from sticking together while storage.

  • Process Aids -                         Used to improve the appearance and properties of PVC.

  • Rubber Accelerators -            Vulcanization of rubber.

  • Rubber Anti - Oxidants -         Used in most natural and synthetic lattices and rubbers.

  • Rubber Anti - Ozonants -        Used for better aging properties. 

  • Tackifier Resins -                     Used in formulating rubber compounds and adhesives to increase the tack. 

  • Calcium Hydroxide Grades -  Used in industrial settings, such as sewage treatment, paper production, construction, and food processing.                                                      It also has medical and dental uses.

  • Magnesium Oxide Grades -   Used to increase physical properties and scorch safety in rubber compounds.

  • Footwear Pigments -              Used for enhancing 

Technical Textiles

Fabric and Yarn

  • Meta-Aramide Fabric 

  • Nylon 6 Fabric

  • Nylon 66 Fabric

  • Polyester Fabric 

  • Nylon 6 Yarn

  • Nylon 66 Yarn

  • Polyester Yarn 

And More...

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